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太长不看 | TLDR 


"I believe that in the latter half of this year the tourism industry is about to regain its development momentum and the lost time can be offset."   

Vol.1 Issue 10

March 14, 2020

聊点什么 | Subject of the Day 



#Quick Thoughts About COVID-19 Outbreak & Tourism  


来者何人 | Meet our Ace    


党委书记 高级副总裁


Liu Guokang

Senior Vice President

Ling Nan Eco & Culture-Tourism Co., Ltd.    

他怎么说 | What the Ace says...    


Q: Is your business / organization affected by the recent outbreak of coronavirus? To what extent?


A: We are seriously affected by the epidemic. Our investment projects are postponed and forced to resume operation slowly. As a result, managerial costs increased and cash flows decreased.


Q: According to your optimistic estimate, how long will it take for tourism to fully recover from the negative impact of the outbreak?


A: The epidemic has devastating impacts on tourism-related businesses. However I still feel cautiously optimistic towards the future prospects. Since the fundamental elements and growth patterns of the tourism industry will remain unchanged. Tourism consumption and overlapping economic activities has served as an integral component of mass consumption and regional economy. As the epidemic gradually vanishes, government departments at varied levels formulated a series of policies of fostering businesses and stabilizing cultural and tourism spending. I believe that in the latter half of this year the tourism industry is about to regain its development momentum and the lost time can be offset.


Q: What do you think is a key point that our industry must pay attention to when it recovers from the crisis? (Please pick only one)


A: The tourism enterprises must make great efforts to promote and get prepared for the rebounding consumer spending through expanding local tours, on-line promotion, management and services as well as catering to customer groups in advance. In the face of this tough trial, excellent enterprises should be able to turn round the crisis to seize alternative opportunities, strive to stand out and buck the trend.


Q: What change (positive or negative) do you think the outbreak may eventually bring to the tourism industry in the future? (Please pick only one)


A: Affected by the epidemic, those businesses lacking competitive edges and homogeneous projects might be purchased and closed. Yet the strong ones will become stronger. The corporate reshufflings will lead to high-quality development of the tourism industry.


Q: Please share with us a story of your business / organization in dealing with the crisis that others may draw experience from. (Please focus on one aspect)


A: For our enterprise it is essential to streamline entities and utilize good polices. The most important thing is to survive and get prepared for future recovering of the tourism economy. Since the epidemic broke out, the LINGNAN, overcoming all sorts of difficulties, concentrating on the present and making arrangements for the future, has carried out a series of corporate culture-enhancing work by means of on-the-job training and inquiry reviews. As a result, the staff morale and confidence as well as determination to deal with problems jointly are significantly boosted. We continued to carry on our business operations in the Great Bay Area and Yangtze River Delta, win biddings in water utilities and municipal engineering and make good use of favorable situations that the state make steady investments and speed up capital construction projects. All these measures have consolidated and strengthened our fundamentals. We are optimistic regarding technological and innovative prospects of 5G and VR and in transition towards stronger culture and science technology. In recent times Shanghai Hirain Culture Group, our subsidiary maker of hi-tech theme recreational equipments, has completed its stock restructuring and won the bid of Yangzhou Overseas Chinese Town (OCT) projects, laying the foundation for future’s stable growth.    

关于岭南股份 | About LINGNAN    

岭南生态文旅股份有限公司(岭南股份)成立于 1998 年,于 2014 年在深交所上市(股票代码:SZ.002717)。经过20多年的耕耘,岭南股份已发展成为集生态景观与水土治理、文化与旅游、投资与运营为一体的全国性集团化公司。旗下拥有园林、水务、市政文化、设计五个集团,文旅康养、金融及投资两个板块,实现七大产业板块协同发展。

2018 年,岭南股份营业收入 88.43 亿元,较上年同期增长 85.05%;归属于上市公司股东的净利润 7.79 亿元,较上年同期增长 52.90%,是自 2014 年上市以来业绩的“五连增”,实现了长期稳健经营。



Ling Nan Eco & Culture-Tourism Co., Ltd. (LINGNAN) was established in 1998 and listed on the SME Board in 2014 under the stock code SZ.002717. Thanks to over 20 years of hard work, we have grown into a national group company that combines ecological landscape and soil & water treatment, culture and tourism, as well as investment and operation. With five groups (landscape, water services, culture and design) and two business units (cultural tourism & health, and finance & investment), we are able to coordinate business development in seven different industries.

In 2018, our operation revenue reached 8.843 billion RMB, up by 85.05% year on year. The net profit owned by the shareholders of the listed company was 779 million RMB, a year-on-year growth of 52.90%. With the fifth consecutive growth in company business since 2014, we have achieved steady operation on a long-term basis.

LINGNAN will stay committed to our responsibility and mission of “Creating a more beautiful environment for a better life” and making our unique contribution to building a “beautiful China”.

LINGNAN is a founding member of WTA since 2017.


关于见面闲聊 | About "Chitchat with an Ace"    


One of the passions of ours is to unremittingly provide our community with candid, multi-dimensional and fun voices through our platform. As a new attempt at this, we are launching a mini interview column temporarily named "Chitchat with an Ace". In each interview, we will put forward 5-6 simple questions on an interesting subject matter of our choice. From the feedback of each interviewee, we will select 2-3 answers that best demonstrate their brilliant insights to present in the bilingual interview column. We look forward to having all of our dear members actively involved in this fun project.    

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